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The following booklets are offered free from Unity. They offer informative articles and inspirational stories that will help guide you on your spiritual path.

To request a booklet, click a title below and fill out the short form. Rest assured the information you provide will be sent through a secure server and will be held in strictest confidence by Unity.

For faster service to our international friends, booklets are no longer shipped to countries outside the United States and Canada. If you live in these areas, please download the PDF version using the links provided.

Weathering the Storm—Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change
Weathering the Storm—Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change
Words of Comfort: Reclaiming Inner Peace
Words of Comfort: Reclaiming Inner Peace
  • Words of Comfort: Reclaiming Inner Peace When you seek reassurance, the affirmations and passages lovingly selected for you in our latest booklet will be of valuable support. Centered on the lines of James Dillet Freeman's “Prayer for Protection,” it contains a full week of readings and affirmations inspired by each line of his beloved poem. 



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Will there be a Unity Calendar this year? I look forward to it every year. thanks and blessings
10/14/2011 7:43:03 AM
thanks so much for offering the free resources that you do... they have been, and will continue to be, an inspiration to me and my daily walk with God. God bless, karen
3/10/2011 1:59:52 AM
Tools in Love
I am changing, for my good,everyday in the Light and Love of God within me; these tools have been such a blessing to me. After meditation I will go to the Unity site, and I am awe struck with gratefulness each time I am guided to click on the perfect writings, teachings, affirmations or prayers listed on Unity and Unity FM. Each time they reinforce my awareness of Gifts given to me by God during meditation. There are no coincidences, and it only deepens my spiritual understanding of I AM. I send light and love to all who work, participate, read and donate to Unity; under Grace, in a perfect way. Thank You
6/30/2010 4:42:23 PM
Thank you Unity!
I have been receiving the monthly booklets,cd's,books,calendar,and magnet (12 spirital powers) now for about 2 years.I have grown so much since then,and have had the opportunity to grow spritually,mentally,and emotionally closer to god.A million thank you's wouldnt-couldnt explain how grateful I am that Unity exists.My husband and I have grown closer,both to each other and god,and its all because we are able to order free spiritual booklets and such.Slowly,but surely I am learning to heal all the hurts inside of me,to forgve others that I couldnt in the past.My eyes are open,and my heart is filled with love & joy-and its all because of Unity.Thank You for healing my marriage,and always praying for us as a family.
6/24/2010 10:00:28 AM
Booklet Review
I have read Survival Guide for the Soul: An All-in-One Manual for Spiritual Practice as well as The Power of Presence. I was very inspired and enjoyed both booklets. Thank You, Unity, for making them available to us for free. Angel St.Cyr
3/24/2010 2:24:42 PM
All You Do
Thanks for the wonderful work you do in keeping the "new thought" flame alive. Now more than ever, the message pioneered by the Fillmore's is very relevant and in my view the "only sane option" there is. Not able to connect with a church due to geographic impediments the web becomes my link to Unity. Your publications and Unity.FM are truly a gift from God. Thanks again for all you do!! Sincerely Hugo Rodriguez
3/1/2009 7:33:05 PM
Free Publications
Unity has been such a blessing to me since I was first brought to a Sunday Church service at Unity Church of Beaumont, TX. From Rev. Sondra on down all the staff and members have been friendly, helpful, and a true joy to be around. I used to dread Sundays but now it is a joyful day because I go to Unity! I also want to thank you for your free publications. You cannot know how much it means to me that I can get a "part" of you for no initial cost. I am disabled and on an extremely tight and limited budget; however, now I plan to include Unity in that budget and I will soon be able to donate to you whenever I order anything or take advantage of affirmations and prayer, and meditations. Thank you, also, for the healing ministry of Silent Unity. I have had opportunities to avail myself of this service and am truely blessed by this unique service. Trish Sestric
2/12/2009 11:31:40 PM
It is very kind of you to allow us to download these kind of materials, which saves a lot of time, because I live in the West Indies it takes too long to reach and sometimes never. I love you all, and realy appreciate what you are doing for the world. We need a church in Antigua & Barbuda Please.
deborah carrington
2/4/2009 9:49:48 AM

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